I had no idea what it would be like to breastfeed!

In fact, breastfeeding was one of the many fears I had during pregnancy.
I wondered:
- Will I have milk?
- Will my milk sustain me?
- Will I get the right handle?
- Will it hurt?
- Will it...?!
There where so many things I didnt know, that I got dizzy when I thought about it. And there was no point for anyone telling me to be quiet, because I just couldn't. When I thought about it, I got tense.
Today I wanted to give a message to all the pregnant women I know: calm down!
Everything will happen the way it's supposed to. It
may take a while, it may be painful, but it will all work out!
I was positively surprised by breastfeeding. The first two months were challenging, of course. We were getting to know each other and I was beginning to understand how everything was going to work. Free demand of milk is no joke!
Today I get emotional when I think that, besides generating my daughter's life, I am also responsible for the production of her food: my milk.
Because of all this, I decided to buy the DIY @lacktoleitematerno kit and made a pendant with my own milk. 
Note: I'm in love!



Along with the food introduction comes a hint of sadness at knowing that I am now not his only food source and the tendency is for him to drink less and less. Even with all the difficulty with the food restrictions I intend to breastfeed until the day he wants.
This heart pendant was made with my milk, the milk of Tintin. It is a memory of the moment that was only ours which we will keep forever.




Milk of Lis eternalized in the form of a pendant, a pendant of much love. Breastfeeding on free demand was a dream for me. I didn't know it would be so difficult and painful, even more painful than the birth itself (I tried to deliver without anaesthesia for an hour). But I still have the privilege of being able to breastfeed in free demand and the Little One has picked up the breast well. Everyone talks about the pain of childbirth, but forgets to tell us about the difficulties of breastfeeding... for days and nights I cried. She's got the right handle, but she sucks very hard and all the time. Now that the pain has begun to subside, with 18 days of Lis. Still, it's worth every second! Just that look at me, or the little hands holding the breast, or the sigh of satisfaction at suckling, that pain bothers but no longer makes me cry. For you, daughter, all my love, forever!



I have made our best moment eternal...

I've eternalized your warmth, your warmth...
I have eternalized the best and purest food...
I made his gaze eternal fixed to my...
I've spent sleepless nights with you in my arms feeling protected...
I have made our bond of love eternal...
I made my dream come true!
In this pendant I have eternalized a part of you and me my son to be forever remembered of the power and perfection of God in everything!!
Thank you @lacktoleitematerno for allowing all this in a "simple" object!





Breastfeeding is a very strong bond of love between a mother and her baby. Anyone who's been with me the longest knows that the boys have suckled for 1 year and 3 months. Then I got pregnant from Belize and here we are with almost a year of breastfeeding. It's great to breastfeed! It's a unique experience for us women but it's a phase! and like every phase. An hour will pass, only with the help of @lacktoleitemater we can eternalize this special moment of our lives by turning our milk into a beautiful pendant!



Every mother has one (or several) stories to tell about breastfeeding. And in most of them the plot is not a whole sea of roses. Producing your child's own food is more complex than the natural, involves effort and time and again, some doses of frustration. I am grateful to live the empowering experience of nurturing my daughter. These are moments, days and nights that will remain forever in my memory and in my heart, and when no more drops remain, I will still be able to carry in my lap a little bit of the teat, eternalized in a pendant.




A beautiful souvenir of our best moment, is eternalized in the form of a pendant. The milk that feeds and nourishes Theo, what a genius idea this @lacktoleitemater, I loved making my pendant. It is super easy and enjoyable to do.




One hour we will no longer have this moment so ours, which unites us so much, and that is a fact! I've heard that it can be overnight, that you can just wake up and not want to anymore, or that the weaning process can be painful for both of us, but the fact is that sooner or later it will happen! I'll miss it... Longing to have you sticking to me, feeding on my milk, being nurtured by it, sleeping on my chest! I miss the day it happens! But now I'll be left with not only the longing, but also this beautiful jewel: My milk eternalized in a pendant! This pendant will forever symbolize our bond, the bond we have created since your first minutes of life, a bond that you and I have fought hard not to be broken and that together we have achieved so far! I thank God every day for these moments together, for not giving up breastfeeding and insisting on a process that was so difficult for both of us and that today I love every minute breastfeeding you, and I hope that these moments will be repeated for many months yet, for years if possible, but when they come to an end there is this beautiful memory that will stay forever and that means so much to me!



A drop made of several drops of my milk, to eternalize that magic moment. 
Breastfeeding for me is synonymous with connection between two souls, of donation, of love! BREASTFEEDING IS NURTURING! ⠀
Mother's milk is food, it's medicine, it's cozy. ⠀
Some people ask me "but does she still suck?"
Yes, she still sucks! ⠀
The Ministry of Health recommends breastfeeding for up to two years or more for its many benefits. ⠀
Maria Flor suckled exclusively until 6 months, and even after the AI I continued breastfeeding in free demand, 1 year and 10 months have passed and we have followed firm and strong, with no deadline to finish. When it happens, I want you to be guided by it, without trauma, naturally! ⠀
I love breastfeeding! Thank God for allowing me.... Even though it is often tiring, it is worth it. I also
want to leave my support here to mothers who have tried to breastfeed and have not succeeded. 
Thank you @lacktoleitematerno for allowing me to eternalize that moment!



Our history eternalized in the form of a jewel.
What emotion, joy and dream come true.
Whenever I look at this pendant I will be able to relive our moments of great dedication to get where we are.



Eva started to leave her mother's tetê aside, sometimes hours go by without asking. And I've been preparing to guard forever all the little toady faces, the looks, our complicity created at that moment... 
And I wanted to go beyond photos and videos, I wanted to have our "best moment in the world" in the form of jewelry.
Breastfeeding was an achievement and nothing fairer than ETERNIZING!
Eve's milk now adorns me wherever I go.



I made my mother's milk eternal, to always remember the resilience and strength of this phase! That breastfeeding is choice, is wanting, insisting and sacrificing. To always remember that for me and Zoé it was worth it and it became our greatest form of connection. It's liquid love!



I'm not ready for the day when you no longer want my lap, my breasts. I am not ready, because breastfeeding is what connects us, unites us for certain hours, your look at me shows how connected we are, and there is no time or place for that, I stop everything and forget the world just to have you connected to me! I wrap you in the warmth of my arms, our gazes connect and then your little hand comes up against my finger as if it makes you feel safer, and this gives me pleasure, the pleasure of knowing how safe you feel with me. I remember how hard it was at first, the tears of pain, when you fed, but I had to be strong, for you for your weight. And today I'm grateful that everything worked out, because it wasn't easy! They were difficult phases, but it passed and I overflow with happiness and gratitude when it's mommy's time lol, I love that connection, so I'm not ready for when that day comes! Unfortunately one day it will come, I'll suffer but I'll understand, after all everything will pass. And when that day comes I will have eternalized the most important liquid - my breast milk and thanks to @lacktoleitematerno. Thank you for allowing us to eternalize our connection in the form of a jewel!



A drop, to represent the nights in clear, with you nestled in my lap.
A drop, to represent his gaze always fixed to mine.
One drop, for every sigh given.
A drop, to symbolize the ocean of love that overflows every time we become one again.

What a delight to have eternalized in this pendant what has fed and nourished you for over a year.

I will keep this drop, full of so many little drops of my milk, never to forget the power of my body and our connection.
It was easy, practical, and it just looked beautiful.



Eternalizing Laura's tetê has always been a dream and thanks to @lacktoleitematerno this was possible, with this beautiful pendant I will always have this unique memory.
Breastfeeding is special for me, of course God knows all things, and I don't feel like a mother anymore because I know the difficulties of those who can't, and I find the effort of these mothers beautiful.
But in my case Laura has a love affair with her tetê, and that's magic. 
We create a link, together, so beautiful and special, and by the fact of being able to accompany her day by day is something that is always present in our routine, this moment, of mother and daughter.
It wasn't easy, I cried, I was scared, I had pain, thousands of thoughts and today it's just joy.
Ah and the product comes very well packed, with a lot of quality of the materials, all properly separated and with all the necessary instructions to make it. On their website is a step by step teaching. Besides, they are super attentive and take away all the doubts that moms may have.
So tell us, what are you waiting for to have this beautiful necklace, in little friends?
Eternalize this magical and unique moment in your lives.